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Singer-songwriter | Rotterdam

Benne Singer/songwriter in English. New at this game. Been writing and rapping and performing for 20+ years. In Dutch. Successfully. Now I want to open up to the world at large. Which is both exhilarating and terrifying.

I am recording with a friend of mine but at this very early stage also looking to meet other like minded (semi) professional musicians with (semi) professional recording equipment from Rotterdam or surrounding areas to try and make a song. Think leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Herman van Veen. But jazz also sounds great. If it clicks and works, we'll make more! I have enough lyrics by now (translating and re-writing my poetry) and plenty of ideas for melodies but any input is more than welcome. Let's meet and find out what happens.


Others about my (Dutch) writing:

The poet Hanz Mirck in an issue of Bookblad Magazine: ‘This poet knows how to capture your attention, on paper as well as on stage.’

The poet and author Rob Chrispijn: ‘Benne writes sentences that stick, clean, dark and intense. This way a poem lasts!’

The poet Philip Hoorne on the website Poetry Rapport: ‘There’s a genius hiding in Benne van der Velde, those are the Good Tidings of today. Amen.’




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